[Feature Req.] Reduce Image size, but according to lowest W/H of Image

So, I know you already have an image tool that reduces the "overall" size of images embedded in the file, i.e. if the file is 1000x1000, the tool reduces the image size to your choice, i.e. 500x500. This is often useful in players that won't display images over a certain size.

What I'm looking for is a different function in the tool in which it sees the Height and Width # of the embedded image for example, 598x600 and then chooses the lowest # and then resizes the image so the image becomes 598x598.
Or allow us to "choose", to use either the highest or lowest # to try and maintain consistency. So, if we chose the "highest #" it would resize the image to 600x600 which would likely be better having more images being a similar size.

Why is this needed...?
Because I have a million images embedded in my music files which are just a "few pixels" off from being Square... and I really don't want to "manually" resize every single one using an image editor. This is a known issue of the Internet or whatever corrupting the image a few pixels changing its size.

Anyway, I would like all my images to be "square", so the files function the best when played in whatever player etc.
Also, the size differences aren't enough to make any noticeable difference in "distortion" of the image when resized, or at least for those who don't care. It's just fixing the known defect which resizes our images without permission.


Right now, MP3tag keeps the aspect ratio. So, if the function that you request is an urgent need, then it may help if you feed only the corresponding images to your external graphics editor.
You could set a filter to find the files that are not already squares:
"$if($eql(%_cover_width%,%_cover_height%),1,0)" IS 0

Thanks... MusicBee already has a filter that finds all files according to certain parameters and displays their embedded images, such as non-squared images, so that does make it easier to know what's not square and to edit them.

However, I still have the problem of needing to manually edit each image, copy and paste the image into the editor, resize, and copy/paste back into the file.

But, it's not an "absolute" priority, save having some OCD and not liking things not finished, needing to finish projects, so, as soon as you guys can, it would be great if you could add this feature.

Thanks much... :slight_smile:

FSViewer allows bulk actions on image files. For instance, my old car's music player would display up to 300x300. When I was making an SD card for the car (about 2500 songs), I used mp3tag to export covers to a subdirectory, used FSViewer to make 1000x1000 to 300x300, and then mp3tag to reimport/embed the modified covers.

Ya, lots of programs do that, including Mp3tag as I mentioned above. If you right-click the image in Mp3tag you see there's an option to "Adjust Cover". So, you can downsize images right in Mp3tag, you don't need to use "FSViewer" or otherwise.

The problem is I have lots of images of different sizes embedded within the files, and I just need to "square" them either to the height or width value, to be able to choose one.

Bulk processing.

That's what you were interested in, and an usage example was included.

Sorry if I misread your posting.

You're fine, it's just a "different type" of bulk processing that's needed.

So, I understand "resizing" is done, but could you explain "how" what you're posting applies to what I'm "specifically" asking for?

How can I resize images that are different sizes and according to either their height or width, thus for them to become "square", with equal height and width?
I don't want to pick a "particular" image size that they ALL are resized to, I want them ONLY to resize according to their "individual" sizes, based on either their height or width.

Further, does the Mp3tag function you mention to export "remove" the images from the files, or just copy them? Because if they are copied I suspect when adding them back in they will create "additional" Artist images, not replacing the ones therein.

Also, could you explain/link to show "how" the Export is done?

So, I need more info if what you're sharing actually does what I need?
Again, I'm NOT wanting to batch process all images into a "particular" size, I'm wanting them to simply be "squared" according to the size they already are, them just being off a few pixels that need correction to become square.


Bulk action. You wanted it, I suggested a solution.

In FSViewer, select the images you want to modify. Pull down Tools, select "Open Batch Convert / Rename Dialog". In the dialog that opens, pick the filenames from the Left Window, click the "Add" button to add the filenames to the Right Window. Below the Right Window is the Advanced Options button. That opens the dialog box I showed in my previous message.

I don't know what the difficulty is, but as I've said multiple times now, I'm NOT wanting to bulk resize ALL images to the "same size". If I wanted to do that, I could just do so within Mp3tag itself, as I've also said.

But, thank you for trying... Just trying to be clear here.