[Feature Request] Ability to customise left column

Longtime user and fan of MP3Tag :smiley: However I was quite surprised when I came to add a custom field to the left hand column and found I couldn't do it.

I was adding some metadata to some FLACs and I noted that, aside from the 'standard' fields - Title, Artist, Album etc - there's no way to add a custom field. I need to encode ISRCs into the files, so it would be nice to be able to add an "ISRC" field on the left.

Full customisation of the left hand table would be even better - I never use discnumber so it would be nice to remove that. I have added a column in the main window which allows me to add the ISRCs (and the auto-jump to the next line saves SO much time, it's such a well thought out feature!) but the ability to customise the left column would make a great product even better.

so, @ developer - are there any plans to add this functionality in future releases?

Cheers from another satisfied MP3Tag user :slight_smile:

Check out Options > Tag panel

As dano points out, this capability is already there. You can't remove any of the standard fields (above the line), but those below the line can be removed and you can add others.

But I think you've already found the best way to enter ISRC codes, for exactly the reason that you state.

Something that I've found about using Mp3tag... The Tag Panel on the left is most useful for editing fields on more than one file at the same time. For instance, most often I have the files from a single album loaded in Mp3tag. I use the Tag Panel for things like editing the album name or album artist.

But for editing track titles, although it is available in the Tag Panel, I would never use it. It requires selecting a track on the right, editing, saving the file, then selecting the next track. Instead, using the columns on the right, as you point out, is much easier when doing individual track edits on a single field. You edit, press enter, the file is saved automatically and your cursor advances to the same field in the next track. This is the only way that I would edit ISRC codes.

Ah, the location of the Tag Panel customisation in the options just been pointed out to me (I should RTFM more!)

I agree on the bulk editing nature of the tag panel. However, I still think it would have a use - the work I do involves bulk adding ISRCs that follow a specific pattern; there are circumstances where I would like to be able to add the first part of an ISRC for an entire album then just quickly go through the filelist.

Thanks for being kind and not ripping into me for missing the blindingly obvious :wink:

(also the pedant in me needs to point out that saying "ISRC Code" is tautologous - the C in ISRC already stands for Code :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: )