Feature request: Ability to display Mp3ext icons

Hi, I did a search for this so I know that others have mentioned it...unfortunately all the results are from German users! I do not understand German well enough to make any sense of it.

Anyway I use Mp3ext to display mp3 bitrate info through the use of windows icons. Unfortunately I am unable to view these icons in the Mp3tag interface dialog...I only see a default windows icon.

I doubt Mp3ext source code will be implemented to fix this so maybe you could add a feature so that Mp3ext users could choose a default mp3 icon...or even write a quick patch.

Mp3tag is amazing by the way. It's really the only thing I could think of other than a way to add an .SFV file automatically the same way you would a .M3U.

If you use Mp3ext at all, you can get my theme here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13820114/

I'll be updating this set as well as adding a new them in the future: both with full resolutions. Plus I plan on adding bonus packs to cover other formats such as APE, FLAC, MPC, OGG, etc...

Again, Mp3tag KICKS ASS!!!!! :smiley: Nice to see freeware that totally walks all over anything else out there!

I am useing your theme in mp3ext for a while and love it. I can't watch regular mp3 icons any more or default window icons in mp3tag.

But unfortunately nobody answered to your topic which means that there's no mp3ext users.

~ milka

It's not that there are no MP3Ext users. In fact there are a lot, but it's simply not possible (to my knowledge) to display the MP3Ext icons in another application that Windows Explorer because MP3Ext uses an icon overlay shell extension to draw the icons over the default ones from Windows.

Ok, thanks for reply.

~ milka