Feature Request: Ability to mark or color or keep a selection active

Hi all,

Currently MP3Tag have multiple selection ability. However, as soon as a user clicks away from the selection, everything is deselected. So, no way to edit a different set of files in the list, especially when file list long and scrolling is needed to double check on certain files down below, while keeping the selected files active above with some sort of visual reference.

Filtering helps target a specific set of files also. Still, even in the filtering list there are needs at time to set a few files aside visually while editing the rest.

A scenario: Let's say I have 500 files and I want to filter all files with a comma. My goal of the filtering is to change all those commas to "&". However, a few other files caught my attention in the filtering list where they have a typo or a format that I may want to keep. Now, I may want to keep all those files on the side while I make other changes.

Also, it can be used to keep files on the side to match genres or artists names as we go. So, in a list of 500, I may have 20 Pitbull songs but they are tagged with different genres. I may want to set them aside to preview one by one to determine which genre they fit in.

I mean, that's just two out of many scenarios users could come across where temporary coloring or marked files could be very useful feature when doing editing on long lists.

I imagine that the feature could be implemented in the right-click pop-up or have a dedicated column to just check the files? Honestly, either way (or whatever implementation) would be better than nothing.

Thanks to @Florian for everything!

By the way, a quick example of what I'm talking about:


I think that you can use already today the second method:
Create yourself a user-defined field e.g. SELECT and a corresponding column.
Then enter an X or whathever you like for all the files that need the intermediate selection.
The advantage would even be that you could enter varying characters, so that you can later filter for - let us say - X, Y, or Z.
The first method could relized with an action to set this selection character - and an action can be called from the right-click context menu.
You would use the selection column for filtering afterwards and you would have to clean it yourself, probably also with an action.

Cool, the user-defined field option will do the trick for the marking.

Thanks for the quick tip!