Feature request: action to rewrite tags from scratch

When I get audio files from various sources, often these files are incredibly buggy, including malformed tags.

Previously, I was just opening these files with Mp3tag and "Ctrl+S" them to rewrite the tags. But this is not sufficient and there are a lot of leftovers in the file source.

My only solution so far, is to copy elsewhere the tags' content, then completely delete the tags and finally write them again. This is quite a long process.

It would be very convenient if an action were added to Mp3tag, that would memorize all the recognized tags, completely delete the files' tags and finally write them back, from scratch.

I do not know what you mean by leftovers.
You can set which tag types to read, write and delete in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg - which should lead to files that only contain those tag types that you want to keep if you cut and paste the tags.
Or do you mean tag fields? Then there are actions to reduce the number of fields by either a white list or a black list:

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There are so many crappy encoders around, you have no idea the monstruosities they can produce :wink:

Just to give an example, I have MP3 files with some WMA tags inside (I have encountered this case several times already).
Mp3tag (correctly) doesn't recognize these tags. If I save the tags, these WMA "leftovers" remain. The only way to remove them is the method I explained above.

Another example: some formats add padding for metadata when needed, but the padding is not removed afterwards if the metadata is shortened. So if there were embedded cover art and you delete it, the padding still remains.

There are utilities around that check audio files, see here:

I would assume that you can cut a readable tag from a file so that it is held in the memory and
then delete all further tags until there is nothing left.
And then you paste the tag from the memory.

MP3tag handles padding on its own account.
For flac files see

MP3tag does not have to do anything with the encoding, just tagging.

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Try this.

  • Select all the desired media files, then right-click, then Tag Copy. Do not unselect anything.
  • Right-click the selection, then Remove tag, then click yes.
  • Right-click the selection, then Tag Paste.
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I gave this a try, and it seems to work!

Your solution will allow me to quite easily clean up my music collection :slight_smile:
Many, many thanks!

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