feature request: add directory (multiple selections)

MP3TAG is a GREAT tool. A few ideas...

you can not select multiple items in the "add directory" dialog box. Adding to that annoyance is the "Add Dir" item has no menu-key or hot-key, so you must mouse around a lot to bring it up.

likewise, drag and drop from the desktop does not support multiple items.

finally, a method for finding/converting "special characters" (diacriticals, or 8-bit) would be nice (or an ASCII-ONLY conversion)

Any multiple selection that you have in Windows Explorer and that you drag into MP3tag will be loaded.
If you have loaded a number files then you can d&d and add more files from the Explorer if you press the Ctrl-key before you drop the files in the MP3tag files list.

Have you checked Extras>Options>Mpeg where you can set what kind of character set should be used?

Also, there is an action to convert the code page - so you can adapt charactersets.

re: drag and drop. yes you're right if you D&D to the app's main window (thanks, I hadn't tested that), I was referring to D&D to a desktop icon (shortcut) for the app, at launch-time or when the app is already open. In both cases only the first item is processed.

I will study the ACTIONS more closely for finding non-ascii chars,



I do not know whether this is true: BUT - Mp3tag allows only one instance open at a time. So I do not know how the explorer treats several selected folders, so e.g. that the Explorer wants to open several instances. Which then is not possible. And as Mp3tag is no mdi application, you may get that irritating result - and there will never be any alteration.

So if you change your workflow just a little bit ... there you have it.

If you want to find files with strange characters, you may want to try a filter and the keyword
NOT %_id3v2_character_encoding% HAS UTF.