[Feature Request] Allow for multiple instances of MP3Tag to run at a time and an add files option

Hey I have 2 different feature requests id really like to see.

  1. the ability to run multiple separate windows of MP3Tag at a time

  2. An add files option to add individual files

right now there is the option to change directory and and add a directory but no option to add individual files to the list

You can add individual files or folders to the current list by drag&drop plus pressing the Ctrl-key from an application that supports this interaction.

This has been requested a number of times (just use "instances" as search word), e.g. here:

so what makes your workflow special so that you need further MP3tag instances - and how is this workflow not covered by sorting and filtering?

Yes but it overrides the current list

yes, you can go into a folder on your file browser on windows and select multiple files using CTRL key and right-click and choose the mp3tag option, however once it loads those if you wanted to add certain specific files from another folder, there isnt an option for it only to add directory and you cant drag&drop them in because it overrides the current list with the files you drop in.

its just because sometimes ill be editing a list of files and will remember something i really need to do in another file that's similar to something I'm currently working on in another place and don't want to interrupt my current work flow but want to quickly edit another file. Also it kind of ties into there only being an option to add directories and not individual files. But yeah, sometimes I just want to have multiple windows so i don't have to change my current project in any way.

The procedure is as follows:
select the files in the source application (this could be iTunes, the WIndows Explorer, Foobar2000 ... probably more - but not Windows Media Player).
Drag them to the MP3tag window and hover there, do not release the mouse button.
Now press the ctrl-key
The mouse cursor will change and get a little added plus.
Now drop the files and these files will be added to the already loaded files.

Hmph very interesting, didn't know that.. I'll definitely use that, I still think there should be a button but hey at least there's a way to do it.