Feature request: Always On Top


I'd like to see the "Always On Top" option added to the "General" options which would force Mp3Tag window staying on top of other programs, if selected.

Reasoning is simple: I often drag-and-drop files from my file manager to Mp3Tag and since Mp3Tag loses focus and goes into background, this task is somewhat awkward. With Mp3Tag being always on top, the drag-and-drop operations would go smoother.

Thanks for reading.


Until that request is granted, you may be able to help yourself:


This is not something that is planned for the near future. The common way to bring a window to the foreground during a drag and drop operation:

  1. Drag the files,
  2. move the cursor to the program's entry on the task bar,
  3. pause for a moment to make the window come to the foreground, and
  4. end the drag and drop operation.