Feature request: Built in FLAC checksum checker

I was reading about how one of the things built into FLAC files is the audio's checksum, but it took a bit of research before I was able to figure out how to do this and even then I didn't find anything I really liked.

Now I love this program and it's my go program to for all things flac besides playback so if I could run a tool that would verify that the audio streams checksum is still correct that would be absolutely fantastic

Perhaps even an option to auto scan selected files in the background and pop up a warning if one fails, though that might be something a lot of people wouldn't want cause it would take a while.

Perhaps this tool provides the features:
and perhaps you can all it with a command line which would then make it possible to call it from MP3tag.
In general: mp3tag does not deal with the audio part even if the checksum might be a part of a tag (although I think it is part of the header).
So most likely, you have to resort to external programs.

If you use foobar2000 for playback the File Integrity Verifier component enables checking FLAC checksums from the context menu (Utilities>Vertify Integrity).

It scans the selected file(s) and displays the checksums in a column along with a status and warning notes.