Feature Request: Change file order and show running time

Thanks for a brillant program.
It would be useful when creating playlists to be able to drag tacks up and down to get them in the correct order and also to have a column that showed the total running time from the first track.

For example, if each track was 2:30 long, the value for the top track would be 2:30 the value against the second track would be 5:00 and the value against the third track would be 7:30 and so on.
PS: I do know that you can see the total time for all selected tracks at the bottom of the screen.

Regards Tel

You can do that already. Press ALT-Key and drag with the left mouse-button.

Holy sh**! Yet again something new for me, after all this years

But can you turn it on permanently?

If not, I would make motion for making an icon for it on the Toolbar. An icon that would have two version, clearly indicating what state Mp3tag is operating in

You usually have an arrow in the column header to indicate the current sort criterion.
If you do not see it, you have a more or less random sequence.

I was talking about turning on the option provided by ALT + K; and thus not having to keep pushing it when doing some rearrangements in main window

In my (German) version Alt-K opens the Convert menu ... Is that what you mean and if: what does that have to do with sorting?

He obviously refers to my suggestion to use ALT-Key and mouse.
So he wants to have a button, which enables an "ALT-Key-Locking" for extended sorting sessions to avoid overtiredness or spasm in a finger of the left hand. :wink:

Apparently when working too much, at midnight "ALT-Key" becomes "ALT + Key", meaning "ALT+cursor dragging"


Right now ALT does what it does in Windows Explorer [takes you to the menu toolbar]. So that "ALT-Key-Locking" would have to be done with an icon

There is no need for this to be a feature of Mp3Tag because it is a feature of windows that you can enable.


I'm nowhere near being a gamer, but yet it was one of the first annoying things that I've changed [turned off] when installed my current Windows [7] and previous Windows [XP]

So there is a need