Feature Request: Click Genre Drop Down List & Select

Currently in the list view if you right-click on the genre field and get the drop down list to select the genre that would be helpful for editing.

Do you really mean the list view or do you mean the Tag Panel?
I don't find a dropdown field for any field in the list view.
Also, if a right-click on a field in the file list, I get a context menu with a number of functions like cut and paste fields but no genre list.

Or is your request that you want to get a dropdown list for the column that shows the genre in the file list?

Meaning the main view where you see the list of files within the folder you're working in.

You see the loaded files.
This is not necessarily a single folder.
But yes, that is the file list.
And I don't know what genre list you refer to when you right-click as I get a number of functions but none of them deals with the genre.
You can call a user-defined action from this context menu and that action could set a genre. So if you have a list of frequently used genres, try that.

I will look into it. Thanks for the tip