Feature request: command line bare essential: call an action

So I use the command line Tag.exe utility that comes packaged with flac. But Mp3tag blows it out of the water with its regexp and other functions thanks to your monumental work! The fact that such power can't be run from a script seems to be the main thing holding it back. I think you would help save countless man hours everybody spends overall with just one command line possibility: run an action.

For example, a user could create an action group within the Mp3tag GUI that cleans up tags into a format of his or her liking. Then he/she could create a new right-click option in Windows that would send the input to Mp3tag with an action name as the third parameter.

Something like: "C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "%1" -a "clean.mta"

Pretty much the entire functionality could then be used outside of the GUI when desired, especially if all of the other options included with Mp3tag eventually made their way to being an action type.