Feature request - comment field for actions


It would be nice if there was an additional field associated with each action - just some text, which would be a place to add a bit of a description.
My own personal problem is remembering what lines of regex do, not a big deal to re-read and re-understand, so, for me, a comment with each line would be nice - but I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority with that one.

While I'm at it, is there a way to share actions between users (some way to output it as, say, the text you see when you select an action, then press the "edit" button)? IMHO, even turning that summary window into read-only/allow select+copy would be useful and would allow people like, say, me, who are quite familiar with regex to post actions. For instance, I could post "action: Title trim, convert multiple spaces to single and MixedCase"
Regular expression "TITLE": "^\s+" -> ""
Regular expression "TITLE": "\s+$" -> ""
Regular expression "TITLE": "\s+" -> " "
Case conversion "TITLE": Mixed Case

and someone who didn't know regex could still make use of it

Or is this already possible / going on - and I just missed it? Apologies if so...



I'm not sure if I'll add the description field. At the moment you can use an action group with an informative name as workaround.

For sharing actions you can have a look at the MTA Converter from Sebastian.

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