Feature Request: Compilation Checkbox?

I'm sure it's bad form to mention a feature from another tagger and request it here, but here goes!

I wanted to start using the Compilation (TCMP) tag and its proper use is to use a tag of "1" to designate that the album is a various artists compilation. While researching this particular tag, I discovered a tagger called TagScanner. It's a pretty nice program, but I much prefer mp3tag. One nice feature that it has is a simple checkbox labeled "Part of Compilation". If you check the box, it adds a "1" to the TCMP tag.

I know it's not a big deal to just type a "1", but it might be more intuitive for users if you could just check a box!

good idea

The tag podcast follows the same mechanism so there should be a new value type "boolean" for display in columns (as there is numeric).
Please note: the behaviour of this checkbox is then different from checkboxes in other application (as there has been the comparison to others): a ticked checkbox means "on", an unticked one means simply "do not use" - in the tag-context it would mean "delete". Which, I think, is a sligth but significant difference.

I use a checkbox.

Just create an action group that sets COMPILATON=1. I run everything through a large set of action groups. When an album is a compilation, I just check the action named 'Compilation'.

What you're talking about would be a change to the user interface that allows defining checkboxes as I/O fields in the Tag Panel. One problem with this is that it would be difficult to implement the and settings. I suppose a grayed checkbox would have to be used for (so checkboxes would have three states), and would have to be defined in the checkbox definition for the unchecked state. But if you wanted to define a checkbox to be '1' when checked, and '0' when unchecked, then how would you blank it except by using the Extended Tags dialog?

You're right, JJ Johnson, I'm definitely suggesting a change to the GUI, but that action idea is a pretty good one too!

What makes sense to me (and the way TagScanner implements it), a checked box means TCMP tag with a value of 1. An unchecked box means no TCMP tag whatsoever. Which I think is the same as what ohrenkino is saying by "do not use" or "delete".

just untick the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkbox That's the way thousand of apps do this:

... or:

if your argument is that you can't distinguish between "is blank" and "marked for blanking", well either you consider that the trade-off for having a nicer GUI, or you have to come up with a graphical representation for "marked for blanking" (i.e. red check mark) within a 4-state checkbox:

all selected files have value 1
all selected files have value 0
/ mixed values (0 and 1)
(set all values to 0)

Problem is, you still can't distinguish between TCMP=0 and non-existing TCMP frame.