(Feature Request) Confirmation Dialog for Drag & Drops, CRTL B. Saving after editing through column browser without having to click item again

So, I was working on my 85K files and I mistakenly moved my mouse while selecting and item which resulted in that item dragging and dropping and MP3tag removing all files, except that one file. I did not even know we could drag and drop within MP3tag, but now I know.

Unfortunately I lost a bunch of unsaved changes and had to wait the long time it takes to reload the files, even with the Library feature enabled.

I am not sure why there is no confirmation dialog for drag and drops as well as things like hitting CTRL+B (so close to CTRL+V!) and other things that can clear a lot of information unintentionally. Perhaps there is, and I am unaware? I did look at the preferences and Tools sections, but could not find anything.

The reason I lost so much info is sometimes it is much faster than making changes in the tag panel. However, only when making changes in the tag panel can you hit save will your cursor is still in the edited field. When making changes in the column browser, you cannot hit CTRL+S to save, unless I click the item again. If I could hit save after adjusting a field in the column browser without having to click it again, it would be a great time saver and I would save everything as I went along.

Changes in the file list are written to the file as soon as you leave the field in edit mode.
So, instead of Ctrl-S you can press the Tab key to move to the next field which leaves the current field in edit mode and hence saves the changes.
If the current field should be the last editable one and you cannot tab on, then press Shift-Tab to move to the previous editable field.

Very interesting! There is so much I do not know about this program despite my extensive use of it for 10+ years! I have read that there is an enter and Shift enter function, but I am not sure what is actually happening. I searched but I cannot find a "how to" of "help" on this feature. Perhaps I am missing some sort of manual outside of the Help pages?

So, if I hit TAB, ENTER, SHIFT-TAB, or SHIFT-ENTER after changing a field that change will be written to file (saved)? I guess I just always clicked the next field, which does not save the changes. I also tried to hit CTRL+S but that did not work, which makes sense considering the TAB and ENTER functions perform the save, if I understand correctly.

The basic idea is:
if you edit in the file list, you can only edit 1 field in 1 file at a time.
So if you leave that field, the modification should be saved - and that will not take too much time as long as the padding is big enough.
If you edit in the tag panel, you may have selected a lot of files, so saving every modification to all the selected files would slow down the editing. But then MP3tag needs some kind of indication that the editing is no done and over with - so the user has to press Ctrl-S (or click the toolbar button).

Cool! Thanks for the explanation! But I think that if you leave the field by just clicking another and close the program without highlighting the field and hitting save prior to doing so, the change does not save. I will have to double check the next time I have to reload the files and confirm, but I know I have lost changes I have made in the past.

I just edited a field and left it in edit mode and then clicked somewhere else in the files list and the modification got saved.
I even clicked onto another application and the modification got saved ...
I edited a field and left it in edit mode and then pressed Alt-F4 to leave MP3tag - and the modification was there when I reopened MP3tag.

@esumsea Don't forget to check your Tools -> Options -> Tags setting:


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i observed the behaviour without that option set.
I think that option only applies to saving modifications in the tag panel if you then click on a different set of files in the file list.

Hmm. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. I assume I am always in edit mode. How does one get in and out of edit mode?

As far as the option LyricsLover pointed out (thanks for that, btw), all I found in the help was this "This option enables automatic saving of entered data when the file loses the focus." I am not sure what that means but this is definitely a section Florian can improve in the new help files.

You are probably right with that impression as as soon as you click into an editable cell in the file list, the contents is selected and you can edit it. Only if you press Escape the whole file is selected. Then you have to press Tab to get the first editable field into edit mode (or click into an editable field).

Fascinatingly, F2 also works on occasions when you don't have a visible column with %_filename_ext% as field and value.

"Losing the focus" is a programming term. If you reach a text/input box field by clicking on it with the mouse or press the TAB key, this box "becomes the focus/is focused". This focus remains on this field until you click elsewhere or you press the TAB key again. The leaving process is called "losing the focus". Only one single element (like a menu entry, textbox, scrollbar, picturebox) can be focused at a time.
BTW: Pressing ESC or F2 can also result in losing the focus.

So ohrenkino was right, as usual! I did a test where I edited a tag through the column browser (on field at a time). As soon as I made the change I clicked on another file, or I switched to another program. I wthen asked MP3Tag to open the file in Explorer and checked the ID-Tags on the properites and the change was reflected within a second or two. So I have confirmed it as well. THANK YOU OHRENKINO!

Sometimes I really wonder what is happening to my brain. I am only 50. But I would have sworn I lost changes by not hitting save in the past, but now I am not sure I can trust my little grey cells.

However, it is good to know that changes are saved rather quickly.

I still would love the other requests (Confirmation dialog) to be considered. though.

Thanks LyricsLover for the explanation! What a great forum this is!

Then it would seem that you were correct that you would have to enable that option, but as ohrenkino and I have confirmed the file does change when it loses focus without this option enabled (I checked, mine is not enabled). So I wonder why it is saving the changes automatically and also what the option actually does. Perhaps ohrenkino was right, and this option lets changes made in the tag panel save as soon as you move to another field within the tag panel? The mystery deepens.......

Almost: it saves changes made on the Tag Panel when moving to a different file in the File List.

Moving to a different file can either be done with the mouse by selecting another file (or the empty area of the File List), or with the keyboard by moving the arrow keys while the File List has the focus or Ctrl+N (e.g., to keep focus in the Tag Panel).


Thanks for clarifying Florian! I guess you would click that if you do not want the confirmation dialog asking if you want to save the changes made in the Tag Panel when moving to another file.

I love the confirmation dialog and think it was a great addition, but if it did not exist, then I would click that option.

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Well, I finally figured out why I thought the changes were not saving. If I make a change in a field, let say the %artist% field, and then I go to the tag panel, that change is not immediately reflected because, I guess, the padding is not sufficient to have it save immediately. So I assumed that things were not saving because they were not in the drop down of options in the field in the tag panel. Of course if I wait a second or two it shows up once the save is complete.