Feature request: confirmation dialogue when deleting actions

Could we get a confirmation dialogue when deleting action groups and actions?

Also, would it be possible to add separators or tabs to action groups window? My list of actions is quite long and I have different actions for different file types, so selecting them is tricky.

You can create subfolders and so group actions to avoid a very long list.

If you insert the character # in the action group name then this will serve as a separator between a submenu and the actual action.

Will create the subemnu "Replace" in the action menu with the 2 entries Featuring and Parenthesis.

Thanks, good to know.

The confirmation dialogue request still stands, though. It's very easy to accidentally click Delete instead of Duplicate in the right-click menu (happened to me twice already).

But the deletion only gets effective if you accept the changes with OK or move to the next file where you get asked for a saving confirmation. If you leave the extended menue with Cancel nothing gets deleted.

Oh, that's right. Thanks.