Feature Request - Convert Tag - Tag

Please can the Convert menu have a Tag - Tag command. This would save much time currently wasted by having to creata an Action group for one use.

I pledge 15 EUR - anyone else?

You do not have to create an "action group" for one use but can use the function "Actions (quick)" from the toolbar. So it is probably all there already.

As I already said this repeatedly ... "Actions (quick)" are anything but quick.
They are really time wasters because they have no memory.
On each call the user has to type in the data again.


Note ... for this fee a professional developer can work only 15 minutes. :rolleyes:

Some years ago a lawyer worked for me, who outrageously earned 3 EUR per minute, and he was not an expert in his area.


Agreed that it would be a nice feature to have a "history" just like for the filters and/or converter masks.
Then again: if you use an action like "import fields" previous masks seem to get remembered as an "auto completion" mechanism suggests the old masks ...
But as the OP did not want to create action groups and entering a mask in any converter is just as laborious as entering parameters in the "Actions (quick)" one wonders what the real intentions and benefits are.

When I open Action (quick) > Guess Values (which is soem kind of tag-tag converter), I can see all my previous Sourceformats and Guessing Patterns in the drop down. So there is the same kind of memory as the Converters have, isn't it?

But I generally agree. Tag-Tag Converter would make sense. And quick actions are kind of slow. What I miss most there, is the missing preview. At more complex functions, I often need several tries until the Guess Value action ist working. Often I use the Tag-Filename Converter window just to have a preview, and copy & paste the formatstring from there into the Guess Values action.

My proposal:

  • All actions into the toolbar.
  • Instant preview like in the Tag-Filename Converter for all actions where you can enter formatstrings.
  • Alphabetical sorting of the converter memory instead of the now used last-added-sorting. I just noticed that the formatstring memory in the drop downs of actions is sorted alphabetically. That makes it much easier to find something.

More proposals (off-topic, sorry):

  • Export & Tools into the menu bar like Actions & Tag Sources are
  • Pseudo actions for Tools & Tag Sources like the Export pseudo action (or better: without the limitation that the pseudo action is always the last action performed in an action group).
  • Alphabetical sorting for Actions & Tools like Web Sources & Export have it. I know that you can sort Actions & Tools manually, but that feels for me more like an extra work than an advantage. And the sorting window isn't a userfriendly interface.

Simply it would fit to have the last input shown in the quick action dialog fields.
So someone does not have the need to pick old input from long long long history list.


Thanks. Yes I can use Actions (Quick) but Tag - Tag would be quicker.

You forgot that Action (Quick) first makes you select the action type.

Absolutely. The preview for me is essential.