Feature Request: Convert: Text file to Filename

I'd like to request the addition of a 'Text file to Filename' converter to the Convert menu. I often have to use 'shortened' filenames when tagging classical music.

At the moment I create two files, 1 title.txt and 1 file.txt and then

convert > text file to tag > file.txt
convert > tag to filename


convert > text file to tag > title.txt

So if I could do

convert > text file to tag > title.txt
convert > text file to filename > file.txt

It would be much better.


To get shortened filenames, you could use the scripting functions to cut the fields or the whole filename short. I do not see the necessity of these 2 files.

Esp. I do not understand that way

I have never seen this 3-step-converter.

If you define individual shortened filenames instead of filenames created by a rule like
you can import the title and the shortened filename from just one import file. The only requirement is that you have the title and the shortened filename in one line of text, separated by a unique identifier.
If you then apply the Convert>Tag-Filename function, use
Format string: %short_name%
The second text file should not be necessary any more.

Well it's under the MP3TAG 'Convert' menu: Text file - Tag. It isn't a longwinded process. You simply export %title% tag to title.txt and opt to open in editor, edit the tags, save and then import it.

It is much, much easier easier to format title tags for some classical music in a text editor and then import the text file using the 'Text file - Tag' menu entry. It's quick, efficient and flexible...and, just as importantly, I get a backup of my reformatted title tags inside every composition folder. I have been doing this for a long time, for the 750GB+ of music on my NAS in fact.

Sometimes complete automation isn't appropriate for particular tasks. Filenames often need to be shortened appropriately and manually, and with some classical music that can be a challenge.

All I was asking (and I still don't think it's a bad idea) is that directly under 'Text file - Tag' under the 'Convert' menu there could be a 'Text file - Filename' entry.

If you want to manually edit the filename or that what is intended to become the filename, then the ususal way would be to create a user-defined field like %my_filename%, enter the special filename there and then use the Convert>Tag-Filename function with the format string %my_filename%.
No need to use an intermediate text file.

If you do not like the input area in the tag panel or the files list, then use the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) where you get a fullgrown input box.