Feature Request - %_counter% for Filename-Filename

I would like to rename files sequentially in an order derived from their modified date. I.e. sorting by date, the files would be something like-
File 1.mp3
File 2.mp3

I understand I could build an action with a loop and therefore use %_counter% but then I cannot use the nice 'Filename-Filename' interface with the powerful preview function, such a good way to check for stupid mistakes!

It would be great if the %_counter% field could just be used in the 'New filename pattern' e.g.-
%1 %2 %3x$num(%_counter%,2)

Thanks for a great product btw!

You can also use the Converter > Tag-Tag which has a preview.
After you have used Filename-Filename, use Tag-Tag for _FILENAME (probably you have to type it in the field name box)
Format string: %_filename% %_counter%

Thanks for the reply ohrenkino, I can see how that would work but I think the format string would be very cumbersome for what I need. I over simplified the example above so here is a more realistic example of what I wish to achieve-

Witness, Series 6, The Time, Part1.mp4
Witness, Series 6, The Time, Part2.mp4
Witness, Series 6, Elevation, Part1.mp4
Witness, Series 6, Elevation, Part2.mp4
Witness, Series 7, The Later Part, Part1.mp4 etc...

So I have about 50 of these files, which I want to be numbered thus-

Witness 6x01 The Time, Part1.mp4
Witness 6x02 The Time, Part2.mp4
Witness 6x03 Elevation, Part1.mp4
Witness 6x04 Elevation, Part2.mp4
Witness 7x01 The Later Part, Part1.mp4 etc...

What I would like to do is select a whole series e.g. Series 6 and perform the following Filename to Filename conversion-
old filename - "%1 %2"
new filename - "%1 %2 %3x$num(%_counter%,2) %4"

If I have understood I think it would be cumbersome to split up the %_FILENAME% string on spaces?

I doubt that you can address 4 pieces for the target filename if you have declared only 2 in the source.

Try Convert>Tag-Tag for _FILENAME
Format string: $regexp(%_filename%,'(.*), Series (\d+),(.*)',$1 $2x%_counter%$3)

Aside, why are you not using %tvseason% and %tvepisode%?

Hi Crissov, thanks for the advice. I was not aware of these tags but having checked how they work I believe I am still faced with the same problem - the files do not have a "tvepisode" value, it is implied from the file created date. I wish to sort the files by this date and then number them sequentially within each "tvseason".

You can use the track number assistant to fill in %track%, copy this (perhaps after $mod()) to %tvepisode% and %tvseason% and then use these tag fields together with others to build new file names.

Yes, I agree and that is the way I have been doing it. However, these files are over 2Gb in size and it can take up to 1 minute per file, so every 'pass' has the potential of adding hours onto the procedure!

In my experience, adding an MP4 tag to a large (video) file initially takes considerable time, but updates are rather quick and almost independent of file size.