Feature Request: Cue sheet to tag

Wouldn't it be nice if mp3tag could tag files according to cue sheet info?
Right now i have to export cue info to the text file and then tag my files with "text file to tag" option.
I think it would be so much better if mp3tag could do this with one click.
Sorry for bothering you and thanks for this wonderful application.

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The post from Mojetitak was the only one I could find that addressed this issue. I also think this would be a good feature to add.

Specifically, the feature I am requesting is an addition in the "Convert" section of the menu: "Cue sheet - Tag". That is, give MP3Tag the ability to copy information from cue sheets into ID3 tags.

Perhaps MP3Tag has a way of auto-magically copying the information from cue sheets but I have been unable to find it.

I often receive rips of CD albums that consist of a single WAV, FLAC or APE. There are some times when I prefer having the album as separate tracks. I use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to "Split WAV by CUE sheet" to generate the separate tracks, and then convert the resultant wav files into flac. However, these flac files do not have any ID3 tags. When an album has more than one CD, or if it's a various artists compilation with e.g. 25 tracks, manually entering ID3 becomes a tedious effort.

I was able to substantially reduce the amount of time it took me to do such tasks after discovering that MP3Tag could load a cue sheet and export a text file, and could also modify ID3 based on the information in a text file.

It would be nice to have Convert -> Cue sheet - Tag. However, I am happy with the time I have saved and this is certainly not an essential feature.

Thank you for developing a great product,

If anyone is interested, I currently use the following process:

  1. Use EAC (Tools -> Split WAV by CUE sheet) to cut single wav file into separate tracks using a cue file. This results in separate WAV files with a -cutted.cue file.
  2. Convert WAV files into FLAC.
  3. Replace ".wav" text in -cutted.cue sheet with ".flac" and delete paths in file names.
  4. Load the -cutted.cue file into MP3tag.
  5. Export text file: File -> Export -> txt_taglist.
  6. Open directory with flac tracks in MP3Tag.
  7. Modify ID3 using text file
a. Select all. b. Convert -> Text file - Tag c. Browse to text file from 5) d. Use mask that reflects formatting of file, e.g.: %artist% - %album% - %title% - %track% %dummy%
8) Autofill any missing tags (e.g., year, discnumber, etc.)
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