Feature Request - Custom field auto population

g'day there

Firstly, just wanna say what an awesome program. Ive used it for years, and since I've got my iPhone and started converting to mp4 format, I appreciate this program even more!

However, I do find one feature lacking that I imagine that most people would probably want, and thats auto population of custom fields. When i say that I mean how like for example GENRE already has a list of option you can choose, which you can add to.

I really wish I could have this feature especially when tagging my MP4 Television and Movie library for import into iTunes (or another library if i can find a kick ass one that sorts s well as it for video)

For example... ill use the iTunes Media Type tag. It has a few possible options: Movie, TV Show, Podcast, Music Video etc etc etc. I would like to be able to load, for example a text file with these in it, so i only have to select from the drop down, instead of having to type it in every bloody time (which has the added risk of typos :stuck_out_tongue:)

Perhaps, a text file with the field name with just each option on a newline such as:


anyways, just a thought that may help some people who tag different mixed media at once


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Have a look at "Tools > Options > Genres"

oh i realise that for genres... but im talking about other fields that arent genres :slight_smile:

Oh I see.
Here is a topic with a similar request and a workaround:

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cheers for that, ill use that for now :slight_smile:

but the feature request imho is still a valid one :wink: heh