Feature Request: Default Values for User-Defined Tag Panel Fields

Can we get a "default value" field added to the edit field dialog? This would be indispensable in my use case, tagging original content with copyright and date info.

Thanks for a great app!

I do not think that there are really default values that could be the default for everyone.
To emulate that function, it is possible to create an action of the type "Format value" for COPYRIGHT and the date (there is not really a DATE field) which then uses your default values.

Please note that there are no empty fields ever that have a default value. A value already has to be there as otherwise the field is not there.

This is trivially accomplished with an action group. It takes two clicks to execute a Quick Action and you're done. Or, if you have standard sets of action groups that you execute when editing files, simply include your copyright/date action group among them.