Feature Request: Descriptions for Column Headings

I have added a dozen or so new tags to my mp3's and now that the years are passing I'm forgetting some of the uses for those tags. It would be great to have a description field (filled in with customize columns) available for each column heading. A popup descriptor would be "icing on the cake".


You can enter names more or less as long as you like for column headers.
If you do not remember, what the variable names stand for, do not hesitate to consult the help:

I've learned (the hard way) column names should always be the same as the tag (%raw title%) or you'll regret it down the line (doing exports and other manipulations).
Per my original request, a description for Raw Title would be something like, "Don't forget embedded artist names are extracted from this field instead of from the title field (which has been scrubbed of artist names):