Feature request - disable field entry without any files being selected

I would like to see mp3Tag DIsable the ability to insert info into fields until at least one file is selected for editing.
I have been tagging lots of digitised LP's and after I select the relevant folder I often input all the album data in but forget to also select any file/s to apply this to.
Then when I do select all the files I want, all the info I have selected is lost and has to be re-input

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see here:

One of the problems may be that if you disable input in the tag panel when there is no selected file that you would also not be able to set a new path to load files from.
Using the toolbar to open a folder would be less comfortable as this would not hold the history of recently visited folders - which is rather convenient if you want to switch between these.
But I am just guessing.
Still, I would not want to miss that folder-log-function.

If you have trouble to remember that you have to select files, then consider to set the option Tools>Options>General>Automatically select files.

Great suggestion! Thank you so much...