[Feature Request] Disable Open File Double Click

I was wondering if you guys could add a simple option to disable the "Open file when double-click". I'd like to use the double-click to immediately edit a tag field within the file view instead of having to: click once, and then wait to click again. It would speed up the work flow. Thanks.

You could click on two different points in the same column very fast (like left side of the column-entry and then immediately right side on the same column-entry). This "near-doubleclick" let you edit the content of the tag.

Also you could press F2 to get into edit mode and/or use the TAB key to move from one field/column to the next.

It's possible to disable it.
See Tools > Options > Tools Default tool

This already exists. Go to Tools > Options > Tools > Default tool and check 'Use special program at double clicks" and set it to "No action". Double-clicks will then immediately put you into edit mode within a field.