Feature Request : Don't close the search box if query gives no result

When using tag sources scripts (like Pone Mod), if the query gives no result, we get the information message box: "Sorry, no entries are matching your search criteria."
Then, when we click on the OK button, the search input box disappears!
To try another query, each time I have to go back to Menu > Tag Sources > Click on my script > then retype the query.
Often, the query gives no result because I have mistyped the query. It would be great if in case of no result, the Search input box could be displayed again with the intact string query in order to be able to quickly correct the query and re-submit it.

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Even though I completely understand your frustration you might add to your workflow to copy (Ctrl-C) that what you have typed in as search criteria.
Like this you can recycle the input - this just as a workaround until the feature is implemented.

And did you know: if you click on the little globe symbol in the toolbar, then the last used web source script is executed. This might save you to layaway through the web sources menu

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+1 for this. Great idea @syldub.

This is what the new :heart: button is best used for.

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Just used to the old fashioned way of showing support. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mp3tag v3.06 introduced a Retry button to tag sources if no results were found for search criteria.

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