Feature Request: Don't restore filter on startup

Sometimes you start Mp3tag and you wonder where your files have gone! Then you realize that a filter is active from the previous session, hiding some or all of the files, and you have to select the filter text and delete it. Annoying.

Please make restoring the filter from last time optional.

I am not sure whether such an option would really pave the way:

As your workflow may vary from time to time you would have to toggle the option. This would most certainly require to navigate to Tools>Options>General - or, if this were accessible with keystrokes at least 4 probably 6 of them to get there.

It is so much easier to use the already existing function of pressing F3 to toggle between filter modes. Just one keystroke and you are done.

That's partly incorrect. You don't have to actually delete the filter expression. You only have to press F3 to turn the filter off.

IMO, the behavior should be to never restore the filter upon opening the application. The current behavior has also caused me some confusion when no files are visible upon launching Mp3tag. It's a small annoyance, but it often takes a while to realize what is happening.

Thanks for F3 hint guys! Didn't realize hiding the filter also de-activated it.

I still think having the filter active on startup should be configurable though e.g. always active, always inactive or remember last state.