Feature Request: Drag Artwork Thumbnail onto Other Listed Song to Copy

Hi there! I have been using this software in a giant project of replacing old crappy MP3s with higher quality FLAC files. One issue I typically have is that my metadata, including embedded album artwork, is typically higher quality than what comes with the purchased FLAC. So I have to copy all of my metadata over.

For the artwork, that means left clicking on the old song, right clicking on the thumbnail, clicking Copy, then left clicking on the new song, right clicking on the empty thumbnail box, and clicking paste. Six clicks.

It's not a huge deal, but over the course of many hundreds of songs, any optimization in the workflow is a huge help. So here is my feature request. If a song is selected, and it's thumbnail showing on the left panel, I'd like to be able to left click and hold and drag the thumbnail over to the main list, to the new song, and then let go, and have it copied into that file as embedded artwork. Please see the attached GIF for an example.:

Another cool thing could be a Copy Metadata mode in general, where I could click a toggle button, then on the list, in that mode, just do a click drag of one file, on top of and dropped onto, the new file, and have it copy all the dragged file's metadata over to the dropzone file.

You can copy a complete tag from one file to another with Right-click file list entry>Copy tag, and on the the target file Paste Tag.

You can even do that for loads of files in one got, e.g. a complete album, provided the source files and the target files are in the same order.
You then select all source files, use the Copy Tag function,
select all the target files and use the Paste tag function.
The tags from the first source file are copied to the first target file, those from the second source to the second target and so on.
This includes the embedded cover.
To embed one cover in several other files, you an copy the cover in the tag panel to the clipboard from one file, select all the target files in the files list and then paste the cover from the clipboard to all the selected files - and although it is more clicking, probably faster then dragging and dropping between several files.

Ah, nice! That definitely takes care of my second idea. So scratch that one. The first idea though, I still think would be valuable, because while sometimes I'm copying all the tag info, frequently, it's solely the image.

I see a problem here:
What happens if you have selected more than one file in the files list?
It could be that all of them have the same image - which would be reflected by thumbnail in the tag panel.
But what happens if the images are different? Which one wins if you drag that to a single file in the files list?
Also: what happens to the currently selected files? Will they all get the same image whichever wins?
Or is it mandatory to find a file outside the current selection?
Will it only work if a single file has been selected?
Most of these questions can already be answered with the current implementation as you have 2 separate steps: one extract the cover and one to import it.

Right now, if you select one or more files with the same image, the image shows up in the panel. If you select more than one file with different images, the images don't show up in the panel. So the drag would only work if only one image was showing.

The selected file is just the source of the Copy, not the paste, so it shouldn't change regardless.