feature request DSF DFF DSD files support

Works like a charm! Thanks so much Florian! You are a :mt_dirfav:!

A huge Thank-You also from me! :w00t:
Works perfect as far as i have tested it!
Much better than doin it with Foobar... :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for adding this Florian! I've donated before but may have to do so again. :wink:

Great, thanks for your feedback! Glad that it works as intended :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Florian, is there any chance that support could be added for the dff file type for DSD files? The dsf file type works great!

Im not Florian :wink:, but IIRC it isn't possible to store metadata in .dff files (like .wav).

Thanks for the update.