feature request DSF DFF DSD files support

mp3tag is a great program! Now I can have my songs and play them (see the song info). :slight_smile:

The hot audio file recently is direct playback of native DSD audio file, in .DSF and .DFF file formats.

Currently there are 3 UPnP servers and 2 UPnP renderers support native streaming of .DSF and .DFF files. foobar2000 UPnP plugin (with SACD plugin), minimServer, and J.River MC. I can stream native DSD audio using any UPnP Controller, from those servers to those renderers. I hope more server and renderer will support native DSD playback.

But the Tag management of .DSF and .DFF file format is still lacking. I can do some tag edit in foobar2000 and J.River MC, but it's far from decent IMO.

It'd be great if mp3tag can support tag management of .DSF and .DFF DSD audio file formats!

Thanks in advance!

It is possible to rip SACD disks and extract DSD files. More and more DACs support native DSD playback (eg. MyTek). There are many download options of DSD files (eg. Blue Coast).

Additionally many media server software support DSD playback (JRiver, Audirvana, Foobar with plugin, etc.)

Basically there are two DSD file formats: DSDIFF (.dff) and DSF (.dsf). The latter supports ID3v2 tags natively.

See the file specification here:


I think it will be very easy to add DSF file support to mp3tag.

I plan to use FLAC for PCM files and DSF for DSD files and need mp3tag to support DSF.


+1 please add it


I've stumbled across DSD also, and am looking for MP3Tag support for this format. Thanks for posting this. I should have searched for this thread earlier. :slight_smile:

Also an information tag for the bitdepth or samplerate for FLAC files with bitdepth or samplerate > 16 bits.

Another +1

DSF tagging support would be excellent.

I too would like to add a vote for DSF file tag support. While they can be edited in something like JRiver, it doesn't even come close to the elegance and efficiency of MP3Tag. I would be happy to donate again to see this added. :slight_smile:


I'm fairly new to digital music.
I've been ripping and buying for the last couple of months trying to build my collection.

It looks like DSD is growing in popularity and fast becoming an industry buzzword.

It's frustrating that I use Mp3tag for all my files except for the DSD files, where I have to suffer the poor interfaces and limited features of other software.

Please add DSD (dsf in particular) tagging to Mp3tag.


Enabling DSF use would be a great addition to already a great application :music:

Enabling DSF use would be a great addition!!!!! :music:
Please!!! My DSF archive is growing :astonished:

Just started to build my DSF archiv
so here is another vote for DSF support


It would be a very useful addition

+1, would be great. Thanks in advance!


Not that this seems to be going anywhere, but I might as well add my +1 for this needed feature.


It should actually be very easy job to support DSF tagging with MP3Tag.
DSF tag is written in ID3v2 format, completely same as MP3.
DSF file has ID3 chunk at the end of the file and its position is written in the file header (8bytes).

  1. Add/Edit ID3v2 at the end of DSF file
  2. Update ID3v2 position information in the file header (8bytes)
  3. Update file size information itself (increase ID3v2 size) in the file header (8bytes)

That's all.
If I know how to supply MP3Tag plugins etc, it should be just one day job...

Please, consider to support DSF Tagging soon.
It seems there is no good DSF Tagging tool in the world yet.


Assuming that by a "dsf" you are referring to"Digital Sound Format" rather than a Borland C++ "Desktop Setting File" (Windows reliance on the 8:3 format for associating files to application is a continual annoyance when you are a programmer! )

Anyhow, have you tried Puddletag?

Failing that switch to Linux where 'file extensions' are part of the name and file headers identify the application to use. :wink:

Try it, you won't regret it :slight_smile:

No, its a totally other thing. :smiley:

"dsf" means DSD Storage Facility, which means its a file-format for DSD-content.
Puddletag does not work with this format.

As far as it seems, that tags are stored in this format very similar to MP3 or Flac, its maybe not too much effort to implement it into Mp3tag... :rolleyes:

I'm tagging my dsf-files with Foobar2000, but that is MUCH more complicated than using Mp3tag!

If someone is interrested: Qoobar is a Freewareprogram which lists dsf as supported fileformat. I tested it -> it does not recognise dsf.
But it seems to be a little closer to dsf-support than Mp3tag... :stuck_out_tongue:

Another vote for DSF tagging -- this would be very helpful!

Here's my "+1" too. The default tags in SACD-ISOs and the extracted DSFs are generally rubbish. I have recently bought a DSD-compatible DAC, so the ability to edit my own DSF tags would be great!

Any word from the programmers?

I've added support for DSF with ID3v2 tags with the just released Mp3tag v2.59. It would be great if you could give some feedback once you tried it.

Thanks for sharing your interest in this feature!

Kind regards