Feature request: edit custom tags contents in main columnar view

For my classical albums I use the "Work" tag to record the name of the piece and then the "Title" tag for the movement. This aligns with the best practices for applications such as JRiver Media Center.

Adding the "Work" tag to the columnar view was easy enough, of course, but it isn't editable as the standard tag fields are. (i.e. when I click twice in the Title field the field becomes editable, but clicking twice in the Work field does not make it editable.)

While I can certainly edit the tag data in tag panel - and I do that for batch entries for works with multiple movements - I've recently been buying a lot of keyboard works (organ and harpsichord) and many of those are single movement pieces. For those I want to split the piece name out to the work tag and leave the tempo marks (Adagio, Allegro, etc.) in the Title tag.

If one could edit the Work tag fields this would be incredibly fast and easy and could be done entirely from the keyboard. While it is doable in the tag panel, it would be so much nicer if it could also be done in the columnar view.

Could you consider adding this capability in a future release?


You can do that already:

Just enter the matching values in the fields with the name


This assumes, that WORK is really the tag you want to see AND modify in the column.

From the documentation:

You can do this with several other fields related to work and movement. In my case the Title is shown as;
There is also a field for MOVEMENTTOTAL and all can be used in players like JRiver and in my case even iTunes.

Doh! I had populated one but not the other with %work%. I love how deep this program is!

Thanks for guidance and never mind the feature request!

And thanks, MotleyG, I can see the logic in your approach to using movementname and movementtotal as well and Title as a merged value.

Organizing music is a never-ended rabbit hole of evolving definition! Considering I'm getting a surround sound auto in a few weeks I may have to revisit all of my classical surround albums to reclassify using that approach!

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It would be great to find out that this supported Work and Movement tags, but based on what has been out there to date it is highly unlikely. So this is where the Title comes in handy as it shows both. Kind of making lemonade out of lemons.

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