Feature Request: Edit Tag context menu option

A right-click context menu option that would pop-up an edit tag window for the selected track.

That is already there with the function "Extended tags..."

The Extended Tags feature does work in this manner. Thanks for that insight.

In which manner?
You see all the tag fields that are in the selected files,
you can add, modify, delete these fields.
If you have selected a single file, you can move to the next file without the need to close the dialogue first and then right-click again.

What else could be necessary?

This is exact what the existing Tag Panel is there for. Any selected file(s) have their information displayed in the panel for quick editing. Including a drop down list for genre. There is nothing a right click option could do any faster.
BTW the Tag Panel can be customized to add or remove any fields you choose.

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It works the way I wanted. When you select extended tags, it pops up a window where you can edit various tag info.

That is what I was looking for it's just named differently.

The extended tags window works exactly in this manner, it was just named differently.

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