Feature Request: Editing the Convert->Filename/Tag histories

Editing and mostly deleting the history has been talked about in the forums dozens of times. But I think there has never been an official statement from Florian about the possibility to edit (or sort) the histories of those conversion tools.

I know the histories are stored in mp3tag.cfg but that configuation file is in binary and I'm not gonna try and edit it.

Currently I have 25 Filename to Tag format strings that I more or less use and the way I sorted them was to temporarily copy all of them to a text file, then clear all history and then enter them manually in reverse alphabetical order so they show up in the right order in the history.

So since it has been asked for a few times, would you consider adding a feature to make the history more manageable?

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Another option would be to create actions of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME for those frequently used naming schemes.
Togehter with the # as submenu separator, one could get a neat renaming menu, even with descriptive names which the Convert function would be missing.

Oops, re-read the topic:
you mean for Convert>Filename-Tag?
I would not be able to say that I had a frequent set of patterns in filenames to retrieve data for tags, that would always be rather individual. But that could be just my set of sources.
Coming back to the action: the corresponding action would "Guess value" with source %_filename%

This is something that has become an issue for me as I have bought a number of classical box sets with hundreds of multi-movement pieces, where tag-tag was the only practical way to update them. I'm now left with about a hundred items in my tag-tag history.

I started going through deleting them manually with shift-delete, but after I took a break, I found that they'd all come back, which was extremely dispiriting.

I'm now contemplating doing a reset to delete the entire history, and then manually adding back what I want to keep, which may be more reliable and less time-consuming.

There is a little menu hidden in the right-arrow-button next to the drop-down list where you find "Delete from list" and "Delete all from list". Those functions delete reliably.

Thank you for that. And yes, very well hidden.

It would be great to get some documentation on this as I have spent a lot of time trawling through the help docs, system configuration folders, and about a decade of posts on this forum trying to find a solution.

Yes, I've now added the option to manage the history of format strings at converters Tag - Filename, Filename - Tag, Text file - Tag, and Tag - Tag, including changing the sequence of the entries and more with Mp3tag v3.14d.

The Filter got this already with v3.14b

Wow, awesome. Thank you so much. This is going to make life much easier because the history editing window is really neat. What it still needs though is a filename preview like in the converter windows, that would make editing a bliss.

Hah, always one more thing to do here :sweat_smile: Very unlikely to happen, but noted.

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