Feature Request either "FAVORITE S or Recent "

I'm certain others have requested this, but a brief search failed to come up with results, and some came up with ideas for work-arounds but they had parameteres to filter things:

Simply: Make add Favorite folder, is really adding to a list of Favorite Folders. Or make a Recent folders that were last opened, like many other applications use.

I work using MP3tag daily, I am typically using 4 or 5 folders repeatedly. Having a favorites drop down or Recent drop down both in the File menu and on the task bar, would save me a LOT of time.

I have been using MP3tag for 20 years, I think its great.

You can set a folder in which MP3tag starts in

The folder input field in the tag panel has a dropdown list that holds the last 10 visited folders. Select a folder there and press Enter and MP3tag will load that folder.
I don't know, though, if that is your favourite then.
You can add a tool (Tools>Options>Tools) that opens MP3tag in a specific folder.

So there are at least 3 ways to open frequently used folders.

Hi ohrenkino, thank you for giving some helpful things to try.
1st setting a starting folder, I never did that before. However, that is my main music folder with more than 10,000 songs, of course that means MP3tag immediately tries to scan all those songs, so I have to hit abort.

The 2nd suggestion works great, I can use that since I don't use more than 10 folders typically when working on songs tags.

The 3rd suggestion about making a tool, the box is looking for a file name not a folder. unless I am suppose to put some mp3tag file name with options to direct to folder??? https://i.gyazo.com/d0af9f3654b0f89c3b54a96210f736ce.png

again really appreciate the support and great suggestion

If you check the box for the library function, mp3tag will keep its’ own database of the tags and 10k will scan and open on just a few seconds. Only files with changes detected are read again.

Use as path the path to the MP3tag installation path.
Use as
Parameter: /fp:"%_folderpath%"
if you want to switch to a currently loaded file's path
or enter a target path to a folder like
Parameter: /fp:"d:\music\recent music"