Feature Request: executing singe action groups


I have about 20 total actions defined. Some I use nearly every time, and some I use rarely. I usually have 6 to 8 actions selected (checked) at all times and make only small changes to which actions are selected, depending on the circumstances. I use these almost always to modify full albums of music tracks.

It would be very convenient to be able to run only one of my predefined actions, without having to uncheck and then later recheck my normal group of 6-8. This would in particlar be convenient when running some of the seldom-used actions.

The user interface might either be another Action button that allows you to select exactly one of the predefined actions, or else add buttons to the current selection dialog, maybe next to the checkbox, that would let you run only that single action.


Any chance this might be implemented? It would be very convenient to be able to execute a single saved Action group without the need to uncheck and recheck everything. In the Actions dialog, you could just place an 'Execute' selection on the right-click context menu.


I like the idea.

What do you think about an drop-down menu at the :mt_act: button?


I'm afraid I don't quite follow. You're talking about the button that currently opens the Action groups dialog box, correct?


Yes. :slight_smile:

I thought about adding a drop-down menu to this button (like we already have for the web sources) which will contain all action groups available. Choosing one of them would apply the action group to the selected files.


That may work, so long as it doesn't require more clicks to get into the Action groups dialog itself. I still like the idea of an 'Execute' option on the context menu. Then you have all of the actions in front of you and can execute one and then another and then this one and that one in pretty quick fashion.


No, this won't change by introducing the drop-down menu.


Great idea.

Further suggestions:

  • A click on the button (not the list options) repeats whatever action was last selected. (As Web Sources does.)
  • In both Web Sources and Actions, the currently active selection should please be marked, i.e. using a checkmark sign left to it.
  • The next appearing window's title should have information about which was selected. For instance, whenever I only click "Web Sources" (without waiting for the tool tip), the next window comes up as "Search by: Album". So I don't know which web source was selected. Something like "MusicBrainz XML - Search by: Album" would give more feedback. Same for actions, I think.
  • MP3Tag should "remember" which Web Source/Action was last selected and keep that setting. Alternatively, one might think of a "default" option to be set up in Preferences.


I've added a drop-down menu to directly apply individual action groups in the current Development Build.

Kind regards,


Thanks, Florian. That will be useful. I still wish there was a way to execute single actions from within the Action groups dialog, as that would be the way I'd use it most often.

Also, I think most people might prefer that they be shown in the same order they appear in the dialog box. The order in which they're placed within the Action groups dialog is significant, and seeing them in the familiar order would make using the drop-down easier.

I'm afraid, though, that I'm stuck at using Mp3tag 2.39f until the issue with checkboxes is addressed. That seemingly small change to the Options was a killer for me.


This is really important! The order (logically not alphabetical!) is needed for perfect working.


The order of the action groups is now also preserved with the current Development Build.


Works great! (Thanks for the "Utils, save configuration" possibility).

Just one more question: Would it now not be easier, if we can choose the saved action-group-configuration directly from the drop-down then a single actiongroup?

Actually, I see 29 actiongroups (containing one ore more actions) if I press on the right drop-down menu. But I need only 2 action-group-configurations (one including all necessary steps for "english" songs and one including all the appropriate steps for "german" songs).


So we need an additional Utils functionality like "Hide/Unhide unselected actiongroups", very handsome too.



You an put a # sign in the name of an action group. That creates a sub menu so you can group your actions.


You're right, that # creates ONE sub menu. Thanks for that hint!
But how can I make multiple submenues with different entries?