Feature Request - Find songs from Playlist not in folder

Thanks Florian for creating a great app!
I have a lot of songs close to 100GB, I listen to music on the music player mainly and of course the Playlist and the song are saved in the same folder.
On my computer, I save songs in different folders. The reason is because when saving many songs on the same folder, the display speed of the songs will be very slow depending on the arrangement of files (Name, Title, Album, ...) and hard drive speed.
I want to request an additional feature when adding all songs from multiple folders to Mp3tag, I can use the Playlist file to select the songs currently displayed in Mp3tag, no need to use the method of copying each Playlist to each folder.
This feature will be quite useful when editing many songs, sharing, ...

AFAIK a playlist is generated from all loaded or selected files with paths in the playlist relative to the current work directory. So where do you expect the playlist to be and what should the contents look like?

M3U8 playlist, each song will have a path or not when the Playlist is created in the same folder containing the song. When you use the method of creating playlists outside of the folder containing the songs, each song will have a path and problems will arise when you move the song to another folder.

And now you expect MP3tag to scan all your data storages to look where the file has been moved...?

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