Feature request for drag n drop

Most often when I want to work with a set of files I drag-n-drop (either selected files or a folder) on Mp3tag but when you drop currently you are limited to dropping in a specific area, e.g. the window section that contains the Filename and columns of information. It would be nice if I could just drop the set of files or folder on any part of the Mp3tag window.

You describe the common case of the "Drag and Drop" subsystem on windowing systems.
The drag and drop process is a communication process from one unique window to the other unique window.
Be aware of the fact that any window application like Mp3tag has a main application window and a conglomeration of numerous child windows. There are windows which contain a button list, or a menu list or edit fields or ... even there is a window which contains the filelist.

What reason do you have to drag a filelist onto a button list ... or maybe onto the filter dialog?
A filter dialog is not able to use the filelist in a senseful manner.

Your philosophy of "drag one object or more and drop it anywhere in hope it will find its fitting target window itself" is not applicable, and does basically not fit into the current "Drag and Drop" philosophy, I think so.
Hmm, is there an exception? The Recycle Bin?

You are allowed to drag and drop a filelist onto a Mp3tag program Icon and Mp3tag will load all files from the drop object.

My Vote: -1.


I was looking for the same function that I have in MS Word where I can drop a document anywhere on the window (at least in 2010) and Word will open the document. You gave me one suggestion in that I can drop a folder or selection of files on an icon. I created a shortcut in the quick launch bar and this does work (yea) which means that I do not need to see the Mp3tag window at all. My personal work habits result in numerous open application, 20-30 is very common for me and each application may have multiple windows open thus I average about 50-70 open windows and I'm frequently bouncing between various windows copying stuff from one window and updating another application or running some process in another window. Thus there is not enough room on the screen to display much of a window other than the one on top therefore I often drag-n-drop on a small segment of a window.

I am glad to hear that there is something which works for you!


With that many windows open, use more than one display to spread them out. Dual-head graphics cards are everywhere available.

d2b - multiple displays work great with a desktop but I've not seen a good solution for laptops. I was looking into getting a 28 inch to connect to my laptop but this just makes everything bigger thus it would not resolve the issue. Possibly when I build my new desktop next year (the current desktop is old and slow) I can consider multiple displays and as you suggest I could spread things out more.

DetlevD gave me a suggestion that is a great workaround, e.g. drop the file folder on the icon in the quick launch bar. This has been working great.

Actually you just gave me a great idea. Sometime ago I purchase a Matrox Dualhead2Go but have never used it. I just looked at the box and I don't think it is going to work, it will stretch across two displays up to 2560 x1024. I'll have to play with it and see what it will do. Thanks