Feature Request for multi-tag/items at one time

It would be great, if it were possible to make multiple tag changes at once based on different inputs

So the dialogbox would have multiple rows, each row would have a source and destination rule
The rules would happen in order, so if the first was "tag(comment) X to filename", and the second row was filename to tag (title), this could have also been done as comment to filename and comment to title

However, if you wanted to go filename to title, as well as filename to comment, it becomes one "change to the file" as opposed to two steps

Or in my case, I would like to clear the comment and set the title to the filename in one step.

Right now, I can only figure out how to do it in two steps. Yes, I could manually enter the information and save, but if Im doing it in bulk its would just easier to hit CTRL-A, Alt-6, and enter

Please have a look at the "Actions":

You can create as many single actions as you want. You can even group one ore more actions together into an action group.

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