Feature Request - Format String "Macros"

This dovetails nicely with the new named-format feature: I'd love to be able to reference named format strings inside other format strings. I have several chunks of format code that get referenced multiple times when naming a single file, and it'd be handy to be able to pull those out and manage them in a single place. Similarly I do a lot of things differently for various-artist compilations, and since I store everything as a lossless image + m4a tracks it'd be handy to be able to have rules for "if this is a FLAC, use this named formatting string, otherwise use that one" . . . without having to cram it all into one crazy-long block of code.

Either way just getting to explicitly name the format strings is a huge help, so thanks for that.

i know that this is not the same ...
but if you have a set of actions that you want to execute for certain file types, then you could

  • filter for the file types
  • select the actions that you want to be carried out in the actions dialogue
  • save this configuration
  • execute the actions
  • filter for the next file type
  • select the actions for this file type
  • save that configuration
  • execute the actions.

Next time you have to go through the file modifcations, you simply load the corresponding configuration and execute the actions.
This may be safer than running actions more or less blindly with hidden conditions.

I mentioned this as an idea for some kind of workaround.