Feature Request --> IMDB lookup and population for MP4


I have done a few searches, and haven't found anything on this, and so I'm posting to make a feature request:

MP3Tag has good MP4 video tagging capabilities as it stands today (v 2.44). I'm wondering if it would be possible to:
1) Enhance MP3Tag to lookup all relevant information for MP4 on IMDB
2) (And this is lower priority), obtain movie poster to embed in file from impawards.com

I haven't looked at IMDB but maybe it's possible to use the Web Sources Framework to import this information.

I don't have enough free time to look into that by myself, but maybe you or another user who is interested in such a feature has enough motivation to do so.

Kind regards,

I would have to agree, I would love to have a piece of software that tagged my movies for me. If you look at this link http://www.kerstetter.net/index.php/projects/software/metax there is already something out there for mac users, but nothing that i have been able to find of PC users. At least not a program that is capable of tagging mp4 files, Xvid and Avi files. but thats about it.

I figure if it can be done for a mac, then it shouldn't be to hard to to get something done for a PC. i'll keep my eyes peeled for something that will get me by in the mean time. But i'll be honest with you, going to IMDB for everyone of my 850 Videos that are converted to MP4 to get the movie information, is not going to be fun


I've started working on a script for imdb.