Feature request: import tag from other files


As I'm moving my old mp3 library to a FLAC + AAC combo (one for archiving, the other for immediate joy) and reencoding/tagging again my whole library, I was wondering if you could add an option to import the tags from other files.

Let me explain:
1- select the files you want to replace the tag
2- select the new feature "import tag from files..."
3- select the files you want to import the tag (they have to be in the same order, or maybe you can have an option to choose how to match the file, for example using the track number)

In addition (optional, if you feel like it;)) you may select which tags to be replaced/updated/erased in the destination files.

I would help me a lot since I need to do retag twice my reencoded files (FLAC + AAC), when I already have a good tagged collection (MP3).

Since you already have a batch reading/writing tag engine, I don't think it would be too much work to implement this, I just hope I'm not the only one to need it (seems not since I saw other software to have this options, but I don't trust them for writing clean tags) :slight_smile: What do you think guys?

Thanks by advance for putting you time in this software, you do a great job.

Cheers from France!

You can do right click > Tag copy
(tags are copied to clipboard)

Then right click > Tag paste

Or just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

Yeah that works, but it's not easy to do if the files are in different directories (if I close mp3tag then reopen it on the new directory the tags are lost), and it's also requiering manual action and therefore not compatible with mass (batch) actions.

I'm bear with that meanwhile, but since I saw other software having this option I think it would be a nice feature to add.

you can use the function in the tool bar with the folder symbol and the plus symbol to open several folders sequentially without the need to close and open MP3tag for each folder.
The list of tracks gets appended so that you can still see the "template" files.

I second this request. Basically have a "Copy Tags" action with a "From" input field. That way functions can be used to automate the tag copying process.