Feature Request - Installer option - Ability to choose default action install

It would be nice to have the option to install the default action groups or not.

Such as the CD-R, Standard etc.

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You could use a file manager to go to \mp3 Tag\data\actions and delete the ones you don't want. The Actions menu will automatically update with the changes.

. or .

In mp3tag, pull down "Actions" menu and click on "Actions" in the drop-down menu (or press Alt-F6). Then highlight the action you don't want, and press the red X to delete.

Either way, getting rid of them would take way less time than it took to compose this reply.

I know the workarounds as I've been using mp3tag for 10 years. This is merely a suggestion for the installer.

Sorry. My assumptions and all...

Anyway, it is good that you understand the Actions and workarounds. Let me ask you this... for someone without that experience, what would be gained by asking the installation question? They wouldn't understand the issues or significance.

A default checked Install default action groups checkbox would be fairly self explanatory. Even more so if it had a tool tip.

There's always the help pages to learn.

Looks like not installing the entire ...\data\actions folder would save 1.41 KB (actually 4.00 KB on disk), which includes a few of my own actions, too. I can't remember how long it has been since I worried about 4 KB.


Never even mentioned size. It's the fact they get installed every time.


Does the installer ask the user which language they want? That's over 40 files (and as many icons) installed every time versus 3 or 4 action files.

I'd like to end this back and forth now with and explanation of, what I think is, the motivation behind the original suggestion:

The default actions are installed every time the app gets installed. This means, that even after the user has already removed the default action via the means pointed out above, they'll reappear and need to removed again.

For someone who simply don't want these default actions groups to clutter the list of action groups, not installing them is a sensible solution. However, this would probably only apply to a smaller group of experienced users.

FYI, I've made a note on my internal wish list.

Thanks for that. I was going to suggest having it so the installer skip them of they were not there. But I thought a checkbox in the installer would be a good overall solution.

That's because the language is an option in the software. I hope you understand now after florians reply.

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Doesn't really bother me either way, honestly. Your thought of skipping the default actions if they don't already exist would be an elegant solution.

I'm probably not an ideal case since I always avoid installers by extracting downloaded (natively portable) archives to a sub-directory of \Downloads then delete stuff like languages, uninstallers, $Plugins, R0, etc. When it is as lean as possible, I copy what is left into the program's "home" directory under \User\Tools

Anyway, I freshly downloaded mp3tag302setup archive and extracted it into one folder, then installed it "portable" into another folder, mostly to experience the process. The installer did not provide Schreibweise aendern.mta where the manual extraction did. Not sure why that was different.