Feature Request: Installer Remember Install Folder

Simple request. Can the installer please remember where mp3tag is installed?
Every time I install a new version I have to go find my custom folder location again.

Otherwise the software itself is fantastic.

The standard installation already remembers the previous installation folder.
The portable does not, though, as by definition it leaves no trace in the registry.

This is not the behaviour I am seeing.
Not using portable.
Location is not in program files and is never remembered.

The changelog says for 3.21:
[2023-04-30] FIX: previous installation folder was not remembered in some cases (since v3.20a). (#60821)

I have to admit, that I experienced the folder amnesia prior to the fix but ever since then I had no problems.

I just did a reinstall and seems to be working.
It is possible the last version I had was before 3.21 and so saw this behaviour one last time.
Thanks for fixing it (back then) and thanks for a terrific product.

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