Feature request: keep existing tags when pasting

It would be nice to have an option to keep existing tags when pasting.

Say, I have an old_file.mp3 with Title and Artist. And a new_file.mp3 with RG tags.
Currently, if I copy tags from old_file and paste them into new_file, the RG tags will be lost.

It would be useful if there was an option to keep in the target file all the tags that are not present (or present but empty) in the source file.

MP3tag does not save empty fields. Empty fields get deleted.

You can emulate this function with an export and import of data: export the fields you want to transfer to the target file.
Then import the exported text file data into the target file.

That's even better.
I only mentioned "present but empty" tags for the following scenario:

  • source file has an empty tag TAG_NAME
  • target file has that tag filled with some value TAG_NAME=value
  • when copying tags from source and pasting into target I wouldn't want the 'value' to be overwritten with blank.
    And as long as you say the empty tags are ignored, it shouldn't be a problem.

There is no blank tag in MP3Tag.
When you copy and paste from one mp3 to another the tag-section in file 1 will be the same as the tag-section in file 2. Not extisting tags in file 1 will be deleted in file 2.

I know that.

That is why I've suggested this feature. Since sometimes it might be useful to keep the tags that don't exist in the source file.
Please read my post at the beginning of the topic.

I read your first post but your second looked like you misunderstood Ohrenkino, because you still kept writing about "empty tags".