{Feature request} moving files up and down to place in correct order

I'm trying to organize some files that aren't numbered very neatly and basically they're all out of wack. For example, file 01 should really be file 03 and file 03 should be file 09 and so on...other files aren't numbered at all, and others have something that remind me of what order the file should be. Now I know that you can search an album to get all the file names and if any of yours are in the incorrect order you can use the "move up and move down" buttons to place them where they should be before committing.

Basically, I don't understand why this feature isn't on the main MP3Tag screen??? It would make it soooo much easier to organize things when it's you who knows the order. Organize them and then commit with the number sequence.

Why isn't the move up move down feature on there??

Also lately, on random cover art grabs, I'll save the artwork and it'll save like "blah.jpg:iso2394cc3" What is up with that??

You can move files with ALT+Cursor Up/Down or ALT+Mouse drag

The cover issue is fixed in the current beta.