feature request - multi-level sort

Any chance of providing a multi-level sort ability across the displayed tags? Three levels would work great. Thanks!

If you click the coilumns in the order you want the sorting you have a kind of multi-level-sort.
e.g. if you want to sort selection of tracks so that all albums show the tracks in ascending order then first click on the column header of track and then on the column header of album.

If you need more than this, it might be wiser to use an additional filter (e.g. all tracks by one artist)

Thanks for the suggestion. That works OK if you are only dealing with files in a single format, but is ineffective in dealing with multiple formats, having learned the hard way. I continually sort in the manner you suggest, thinking I catch both the mp3 and flac formats for each song when I group edit tags, only to find many times that I only grabbed one of the formats because of the sort. So I end up doing more than twice the work. Similarly, filtering will also take much more work to edit tags compared to a multi-level sort ability.

A multi-level sort capability is the only robust way to effectively sort many files with mutiple formats.

Click on the first column, then hold down SHIFT and click on the others.

Or make a new column and add your desired sort pattern to it.

The shift technique works! Thanks very much.