Feature request: New action type - Manual Input Field

I have a huge library of audio books, and are adding new books quite often. For each book added, I want to have correct tag information, to be able to browse and play the books correctly on most of the MP3 players.

I've been looking for an automatic way of changing all the tags I need to change, in one GO. I'm very close with Mp3Tag and Action Groups. The only tag missing is Year. I do not have that information available from any other source that searching the web manually.

I therefore would like a new type of Action called Manual Input Field. This field should have an option of entering once for each file, or once for the complete batch run. And the value from this Input field, should be possible to add to whichever tag you want, the way the other actions work.

Please consider this feature :rolleyes:

Isn't this feature already there in the shape of the tag panel?
I mean, if you want to enter the YEAR for a bunch of files, then you would have to select the files from one particular year as an action would just as well assign just the value that was set in the input box to the selected files.
And as you can add fields to the tag panel, you should be able to create as many input boxes as you want.
So, select the files from one year
Enter the value in the input field Year in the tag panel
Press Ctrl-S to save.

If on the other hand you want mP3tag to stop at each file to make it possible to enter a value, then I would recommend the files list and add the required column.

Thank you for the tips. This is a working solution, and my workaround for now.
But what I aim for, is a automated solution, where all tags are saved in one go.

As it is now, the process is a two-step process:

  • I set correct values to Track, Title, Artist, Album and Genre from Actions.
  • I set correct value to Year from Tag Input Fields and save with Save Tags (CTRL-S)
This way, I save tags to each files two times. Instead, I would like to save tags to the file only once. For a music CD when there is typically 7-15 tracks, this is not a problem, but for audio books with typically 80-150 tracks, this becomes an issue.

I cannot see any difference, one klick is one click, no matter how many files are marked.
The year for an album or an audiobook is the same for all tracks.

BTW. How do you get the other informations in the track? Do you mean web-sources when you say actions?

As long as it not an anthology with tracks from various years.
But I agree: usually I set the release year of the album into YEAR and that of a single track into ORIGYEAR. So it is the same for a who album.

I agree, one click is one click, and the time Mp3Tag spend on writing the tags to the file is the same for CDs as for Audio Books. But waiting for writing tags to 7-15 files compared to 80-150 files is not the same. And if you need to do the same writing twice because you cannot automate saving year since this cannot be obtained automatically, you see my point.

I do manually search for audio book on the web, to find when the book was first published.

Before I start fixing ID3 tags on the audio book, I organize the book like this:

- - \CD01 Track01.mp3 - - \CD01 Track02.mp3 ... - - \CD02 Track01.mp3 ... - - \CDab TrackXY.mp3
I then use Format Value to set the following:
Genre=Speech Track=_counter Comment=
and I use Guess values to populate Artist, Album and Title from _directory and _filename.

You can create folder structures from tags. so there is no need to do that manually.
You can number the tracks with the track numbering wizard
You can set the tag discnumber and use it for folder structures.
You can bulk-set the author and the book title with the tag panel.

I am not sure how much you really save. unless you save the files to floppy disk, I think we are talking about minutes.
Also, if the files are already in the drive cache, writing goes really quick. I wonder what actual tests would reveal.

I would recommend that you do not use the filesystem as information source but concentrate on the tags first and then create the folders from the tags.

In the meantime of your waiting for such an interactive input dialog you can apply a workaround, which uses an external textfile together with the action "Import text file".
Prepare one helper textfile with one line containing the year number, which you want to copy into the tag-field YEAR of the files in question.
Embed this action "Import text file" to a fitting place in your working actions group.


Thanks, this was helpful, I'll try this workaround :slight_smile: