Feature Request: Open File (File/Open) from within MP3TAG

Would like the ability to open a file from within MP3Tag. There is no menu item called File/Open; we are dependent on the Windows context menu to use MP3Tag. A keyboard shortcut would be desirable also like CTRL+FO or just CTRL+F. (Right now, CTRL+O opens Options.) It would access the normal working directory by default as set in Options.

As an aside, there would probably not be a need for File/New; I'm not even sure what that would mean or what it would do.

Thanks. Use the program every day.

Oh, there is a tool in the FAQs and since V3.11f there is a function in the file menu.
He, who can read is in the lead.

I like to think I can read, but this I'm not seeing. To what are you referring? Thank you.

You can just drag & drop one or more files into Mp3tag. If you want to do that from various directories, just press CTRL during the drag&drop. You will see that you ADD it to your list with the little + on your mousepointer: image

@ohrenkino @LyricsLover , it's not what the OP is suggesting. It's simply about opening individual files from within Mp3tag without relying on Windows Explorer or loading whole directories.

@pgchase: valid feature request, I'll see what I can do.

That's good, but still not a standard keyboard shortcut which is what I'm requesting. Something not dependent on context menu or mouse.

Thank for helping to interpret. This was just so out of my scope of workflow that I did not think it should be a function.
So, I withdraw my remark: the OP is right, there is no function to open a single file from within MP3tag, you need the explorer (or similar) to do so.