Feature Request: option to move controls to left side of window in "Extended Tags" window

When performing metadata edits in the "Extended Tags" window on a huge monitor, it's awkward having to constantly move the mouse left to right and back again across the monitor.

It would be much more convenient if the controls (add field, edit field, remove field, etc.) were on the left side of the window, close to the metadata fields. This would help prevent carpal tunnel pain setting in after an extended editing session. //lol

If you fear problems with the elbow then (seriously) consider to replace the ordinary mouse with a trackball. This avoids the micro movements of lower and upper arm which stress the elbow joints. The trackball lets the arm rest and uses the thumb to move the cursor.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I absolutely HATE trackballs. I've always disabled them on my laptops and replaced them with wireless bluetooth mice, for example.

I use a Logitech wireless mouse & have at least a dozen custom mouse commands mapped to various buttons for various apps.... that can't be accomplished with a trackball.

The logical solution, it seems to me, is to put the commands on the left side of the screen, where the mouse always is, when working in the extended tags window.

Then I do not really understand, I think.
The dialogue Extended Tags has the section Metadata with 3 buttons next to it and the section Cover on the right also with 3 buttons next to it and the acknowledgement area at the bottom.
When I open that dialogue, be it with Alt-T or the context menu of the file list or the menu "View" then the it appears always at the position and size from the last call.
And this may be anywhere on the screen.
I never experienced it to be

So I would say that I have to move the mouse cursor anyway and while I am at it I could just as well move it to the middle of the dialogue where the 3 controls are.
It is now not necessary to move the cursor to the left of the dialogue to select a field entry, you can navigate to it in an almost vertical line, you only have to have the cursor somewhere inside the metadata list to select a field.
The vertical mouse movements would stay the same regardless whether the controls are on the left or the right of the metadata list.

But perhaps I can save you some mouse kilometers: did you know that there is a context menu available in the metadata list, that allows you to copy, cut and paste a field? So at least one return to the controls would not be necessary: if you want to delete a field.
(It might be a worthwhile extention to include in the context menu also the function that are now buttons: New and Edit)
Also, if you want to relieve your right hand from the mouse gymnastics, I would like to draw your attention to the keyboard and the F2 key which triggers the edit function.

In the western culture it is a convention, though, to have a workflow from left to right. So if you first have to select something and then trigger an action, then it would be assumed that the corresponding actions can be found more to the right of the object. Or below it. Or in a context menu.

(BTW: the trackball I would think of is also wireless, has 3 programmable extra buttons and a tiltable, clickable wheel - so quite a number of customizable functions should be possible.)

Maybe I'm just not understanding your explanation (entirely possible), but I find it impossible to move the positions of the Metadata section & the cover section (with it's 6 buttons) anywhere except their default positions of extreme left and extreme right on the screen.

A similar situation existed in the popular search app "Everything", where the filter drop-down list defaulted to the extreme right of the search box, but Void (the developer) made it possible to drag the drop-down list elsewhere, such as to the left of the search box, thus minimizing massive mouse movements back and forth across the screen. Many people, including myself, find this feature very helpful.

HOWEVER, you mentioned a feature that I wasn't aware of, and is very helpful. That is, the context menu function in the metadata list. Somehow I just never noticed that feature. Since the greatest amount of editing I do in the Extended Tags window is deleting extraneous tags, that saves me a lot of mouse movement. I guess that's a good compromise, all things considered.

Thanks for all your input & the effort you put into your replies.

An overall ability to move around buttons, icons a menus is something that could benefit any advanced user of any probably any software. I have a widescreen monitor and often I am forced to move the pointer from one edge to another- just to click something as trivial as OK

Have you considered using a wireless symmetrical mouse and learning to use it with both hands? It is not that hard as you might think. I myself have problems with coordination of my body movements, but using a mouse with the other hand is for me as easy as with the "default" one [with the exception of non turn-based videogames]. And because it is wireless, I can easily move it from one hand to the other