Feature Request: Partial Re-Read / Refresh on Directory w/Right Click

Sometimes I'm copying files into my directory structure while waiting for mp3tag to finish reading files. With 10K music files, the process takes a minute or more. It would be handy to have mp3tag do a partial refresh / reread of a directory rather than the entire directory tree.

Suggestion: Provide an option to refresh a single directory with a right-click on an existing file's Path. Example: if I add another *.mp3 file to C:\Music\Rock\Favorites, then right-clicking on any existing Path in that directory could provide:

-> Refresh Favorites
-> Refresh Rock
-> Refresh Music

Selecting 'Favorites' would cause mp3tag to re-read / refresh just that one directory, and then the new file would show up and could be edited, etc.

If you use the function to add a folder then you could naturally add a folder that you have already loaded - this would refresh the list and show also the added files.